Metallic Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Central Florida

Metallic Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Central Florida

For our neighbors in Orlando and Central Florida: we have great news! We are offering metallic epoxy floor systems that will turn the floors in your home or business into a one of a kind masterpiece. Garage Floors Plus More is proud to offer metallic flooring as a finishing option. These floors become a functional work of art.

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What Is A Metallic Epoxy Floor?

Do you want to know what metallic epoxy is, or how the installation of metallic epoxy works? We are here to help. We are experts and can share our knowledge on the materials, the process of installation, and what you can expect from your metallic epoxy floor after it has been installed. 

It’s pretty simple to understand: and really hard to do properly. Luckily, we’ve tested this process hundreds of times in classes and in our own workshop and perfected it before ever applying it on a customer’s floor.  Our first metallic epoxy floor was a long time ago – we have had a lot of practice! The same materials and products that are used in a standard epoxy floor are also used in the metallic epoxy system- so it will always have the same level of sustainability. The compound used is a three or four part system and consists of: the epoxy resin, an epoxy hardener, and metallic color pigments. The change occurs when the metallic pigments are mixed in with the epoxy, and then multiple different colors are expertly applied to the floor. After these colors are rolled together and the desired effect is reached, the floors are then covered with a clear top coat and you have a one of a kind floor you will be eager to show off.

Why Use Metallic Epoxy Coatings Over Other Flooring Systems?

Metallic epoxy floors should never be confused with the epoxy that you can buy from the local hardware store, the epoxy you get from the store is paint with an epoxy additive. In fact, it’s sad but true that half of our business comes from people that have installed this fake epoxy floor system, inevitably have all types of problems with bubbling and peeling,  and then call the professionals for help. We use a 100% solid epoxy system in our metallic finishes. Even though it looks pretty, these floors are as tough as they come.

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Metallic Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Florida You Can Trust

We come with the best machines, and a positive attitude to get the job done right. We apply epoxy floors all over Florida, but you can usually find us in our backyard of Orlando, Kissimmee, Daytona, Leesburg, Ocala, Winter Haven, College Park, and Mount Dora. Contact us today for the most trusted and reliable service.

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