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Garage Floors Plus More is a small family run business that can get the job done and keep the customer happy all at a reasonable price. We started with epoxy floors and countertops.  After being very successful, we decided to add to our business by implementing what our customers have been asking for.  Garage Floors Plus More continues to evolve to an ever changing enviroment by adding what the community needs.   We've added concrete texturing and decorative concrete overlays,  along with driveway and patio painting .  Now we seal concrete pavers and concrete but we didn't stop there, we also seal cultured stone, faux stone and masonry walls.  As the community continues to grow, we here at Garage Floors Plus More will strive to grow with you.



Whether you're thinking about a beautiful new epoxy floor in your garage, sealing pavers on your patio or driveway or maybe texturing and adding a splash of color to your patio.  We can make it happen. We are very affordable and we offer an incredible array of colors and options.  Did you know that we install garage storage cabinets in a host of configurations?  We also restore tables tops, bar tops and nightstands. We can create beautiful epoxy countertops from exotic stone look to a simple concrete look. We can make your dream a reality



As a small family business, we can focus on the customers wants and needs through all phases from the initial meeting through the completion.  Our goal will always be to make the customer happy!  We are very proud of our business and accomplishments. Without happy customers, we wouldn't  have been this successful.Please feel free to browse our facebook page and read the reviews .  If you are a customer,  please share your experience. 


Why epoxy?


Why epoxy?  We think that is a great question.  The last few decades have seen enormous growth in building and the building products industry.  Builders are always looking for better ways to build and eager to use new products to keep the costs down.   Builders have turned to the chemists throughout the world, tasking them with new innovations.  Epoxy is one of those innovations.    Epoxy when used on a floor is chemical resistant, withstands incredible weight and is very easy to maintain and keep clean. Epoxy adds beauty to your home or business.  It can lighten or darken a room while adding color and increases the value of your home. In Florida, your garage is part of your home, so why not protect your investment.  Did you know that we also apply epoxy on covered patios and covered lanais? As for other applications of epoxy,  we can use epoxy on tables and bar tops as well as kitchen countertops to give them a whole new exciting look at a fraction of the cost of granite or marble.  It’s a much safer choice because it’s non porous and will NOT promote bacterial growth.  Recently we have seen shower enclosures being done with metallic epoxy, the showers are  seemless and do not allow any bacterial growth in a wet area.  All of these are done at a fraction of the cost of stone and tile in most cases.  

Paver & Cultured Stone Sealing


Why would you need to seal pavers or concrete? First of all, hardscape as it’s referred to is very expensive to have installed, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it?  When we seal pavers,we usually see that the sand holds them firmly in place is missing and the surface is somewhat weathered and soiled.  Sealing pavers prevents this,  we clean the surface and resand all the joints.  We then apply a flood coat of sealer to the joints that locks the sand in place. Lastly, we seal the surface.

Beautifully Protected


Our products and services will add beauty plus protection to your home.  Homeowners look at a wall and choose which color will best suit the room.  They never think of the protection that paint provides.   It fortifies the wall, some are easy to clean, it seals the wall.  Our products protect your investment, add curb appeal, and give you a finished look.

Epoxy Myths

Myths About Epoxy

Epoxy is a paint.  No, epoxy is a resinous coating that needs to be mixed with a catalyst to cure.  Powerwashing the surface will be sufficient to apply epoxy.  NO.  Power washing does not expose the pores of the concrete.  Power washing leaves moisture in the concrete which will leave you with poor adhesion and outgassing bubbles in the surface.  Acid etching is sufficient enough cleaning to apply epoxy.  In some cases, yes but in most cases no.  Acid etching must be done properly from start to finish.  Muriatic acid must be mixed and applied correctly, rinsed thoroughly. It will usually take an extra day or two of drying before you can apply any epoxy.   Its very messy, and it does have some risks and health hazards.  Having epoxy applied is very expensive.  Considering the cost of products to the DIYer it’s actually very affordable.  Prepare to have a full weekend to do a standard 2 car 450 sq foot garage with only one coat of epoxy rolled on.  When our company is hired to apply an epoxy coating, we have all but the clearcoat done in the first day.  We diamond grind the entire surface all dust free

fill and cracks and dings in the surface, tape off the walls and any other areas of concern, prime with a solvent based epoxy

top coat with 100% epoxy solids.  We then broadcast the color chips and clearcoat the surface.   Most of these steps are not performed by the DIYer.  Our product is never rolled on, it is only applied with a squeegee and then back rolled to smooth out out.  Most professional painters will not tackle an epoxy application because of the prep work.      

Professional vs DIYer

A handyman or a DIYer would certainly try to tackle an epoxy floor application,  why not?  It looks easy enough, move everything out and the floor is right there.  Let’s power wash it and epoxy it.  What’s this little packet in the kit?  Etching compound?  What’s etching?  Hmmmm.  Preparation is 80% of the job!  We diamond grind the entire concrete surface, while attached to a large commercial hepa vacuum to minimize the concrete dust.  We chase (open the cracks with a hand grinder) the cracks and fill them with an elastomer sealant.  We then mask off and tape the whole area including the front of the garage at the driveway.  Now we mix the primer and apply it with a squeegee and back roll with an 18 in roller to smooth it out.  We allow that to set up and then we apply our 100% epoxy on top with squeegees and also back roll.  Now we add the color chips.  Dry overnight and apply a clear coat the next morning.  Each step is very important,  as are the proper tools and equipment.  If you have a guy that will do your floor cheap, ask yourself why?   “Cheap work isn’t good, good work isn’t cheap”!  I’ve heard countless stories from homeowners, painters, and handymen who have tried to put epoxy down in their garage or a customers only to realize that it‘s much more difficult and time consuming then first thought.  They continue on because of the initial investment in the product and end up with a horrible job that they are not happy with.  When a professional shows up to fix it, they have to grind off the epoxy to bare concrete, which is not cheap to do.  This is a common occurance.  “Spend your money right the first time”.  We use this very advice on things I’m not familiar with.  “Nothing worse than throwing good money after bad ideas”.  If you’ve read this far down then it’s safe to assume that you are seriously considering an epoxy floor.  Garage Floors Plus More is also offering grind offs.  What is  a grind off?  If your considering doing the epoxy yourself and don’t have the equipment to prep your floor, you can hire us to diamond grind or profile the concrete surface so you will have professional result.  We can point you in the right direction to having a long lasting beautiful floor.    

Who We Are

The majority of our work is via word of mouth.  The website is only for information.  We don’t sell a product, but we do sell our experience, knowledge and trusted products that we use every day while we apply our craft to your floor.  We take the time and effort to bring you the customer, a wide variety of colors and color chip combination, more so then most of our competitors.  We believe that by giving you the choices that you want vs what we want you to choose is very important to our business practice.  Another reason we have such great reviews,     we never go cheap on product or performance as you will see or you’ve heard from friends or neighbors.  We sincerely entice all of our potential customers and customers to get quotes from other companies and compare.  Do they answer the phone when you call?  Do they have the color options for the epoxy?  Do they have hundreds of color chips options?  Can the color chips be custom blended?  Is the floor diamond ground and dust free?

Is the epoxy applied in layers?  Do they return and apply a clear coat?  Most important;  do they offer a lifetime warranty?

Can it be done for a reasonable price?  Feel free to ask all of these questions when you're getting a quote.  You’ll surprise some of the folks who show up and others you might just scare away.  We would be happy to come out and answer all of your questions and put a quote together for you.  Give us a call or email us through the link provided.  


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FAQ's and Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. Is the epoxy floor slippey?     No, our epoxy is not slippery and just to be extra safe we add a non skid to high traffic area just for peace of mind.  
  2. How long does it take to apply?    Usually one day to prep the surface and apply the primer and the top coat, then we broadcast the color chips.  We let that dry overnight and apply a clear coat the following day, which takes about an hour.  
  3. Is it dusty from all of the concrete grinding?   No, not really.  We have a large commercial hepa vacuum connected to the grinder which is very sufficient in keeping it virtually dust free.  
  4. Will the cracks in the concrete show?  As with any surface being coated, the substrate will show some imperfections.  We will fill all the cracks and holes with an elastomer that will allow for the surfaces to contract with temperatures changes and give a nice finished look.  
  5. How long until we can go on the floor?   Usually you can walk on it within 24 hours and start bringing your things back in 36 hours depending on the weather.  Colder temperatures take longer to dry as does higher humidity.  As for driving on the surface,  we would like 4 days because of the humidity in Florida.  Each job is a little bit different but these are good guidelines to follow. 
  6. Do you offer a warranty?    Yes.  We offer a lifetime warranty.  


I cannot say enough good things about my counter tops.  They look even better than I could ever imagine.  I wanted concrete counter tops and with the epoxy it was a fraction of the cost but look even better.  My house looked cleaner after they left .  I am going to call them for garage floor and recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Tanya B 7/2019

 Ken and Ola came up on Memorial Day weekend to do my new garage/shop floors. They did an excellent and thorough job with the whole process plus they were just nice folks to work with. 

Bobby D Thompsoin 5/2019

These people are the nicest, most reasonably priced, fantastic results with their work and products they use that I have ever dealt with. If you want a garage floor that looks fantastic and is warranted for life (unless there is and earth quake) this is the company you want to call.

Lorraine Callender O'Dowd 4/2019

 Garage Floors Plus More transformed our 1200 square foot shop this past weekend into an amazing space. You can see the pictures posted on their Facebook page. I was impressed by the preparation involved before applying the epoxy. They spent the first day using a diamond grinder for the large area of the floor, a hand grinder for small areas, sealed all the joints and cracks using a special product and taped off areas that epoxy wasn’t supposed to get on. The next day they applied the base epoxy coat and final coat and the “flakes.” Finally, they applied several coats of a marine grade urethane to make the floor look like glass. I have watched YouTube videos on epoxy floors and learned that the primary reason for epoxy failure is poor preparation. The preparation by Garage Floors Plus More on my shop floor will guarantee a long life. In between working on the shop floor, Ken and Ola also painted our porches and walkways at the house with a cool deck product. They are extremely meticulous when installing the products they sell. I would recommend this company for small or large projects.

David Wells 9/2018