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Driveway Sealing

It’s funny how a nicely sealed driveway can change the entire look of a home. We started out doing epoxy garages, and then realized that the work isn’t done until the entire driveway looks just as beautiful. As experienced concrete artisans, we can seal pavers, concrete and pretty much any type of surface that you have on your driveway. Our systems are proven and time tested. Just like everything else we do, we handle it the right way and don’t use any products that we wouldn’t use for our own homes.

Concrete Sealing

At Garage Floors Plus More, we consider it our responsibility to help you protect your concrete the best way possible. We are a family owned and operated Concrete Sealing Company and we love our customers and our work. When you partner with us to seal or stain your concrete, we are going to come through for you. 

We have an experienced crew of concrete sealing professionals dedicated to ensuring your concrete structures remain good-looking and functional for as


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Types of Sealants

What's the Best Driveway Sealant?

We use Seal N Lock and have been trained directly by the manufacturer. We want to provide the best products and Seal N Lock is a local Florida manufacturer that takes the time to train its distributors. There are many different types of sealants from super wet look to natural luster.
For more information on our sealants, you can see a full menu here.

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Importance of Driveway Sealing

Sealing your driveway offers lots of advantages:

  • Improves Aesthetic Value – Applying a sealant will immediately make your driveway pop and light up your house when your neighbors walk by.
  • Resistance to Weather- Water, storms and chemicals can really deteriorate a driveway over time. Coating your driveway with a sealant makes it resistant to moisture and other issues that can become big problems over time.
  • Ease of Maintenance – Once you seal your driveway, maintaining it becomes easy.
  • Durability – The level of protection sealcoating your driveway provides will extend the life of your driveway significantly

Benefits Of Choosing Garage Floors Plus More

Even though sealing your driveway is something many homeowners may try and tackle themselves, it can be a disaster when it goes wrong. Get a gust of wind and all of a sudden your neighbor’s car just got coated. Don’t risk the angry neighbors or other disastrous outcomes. Believe me… we’ve have been called in to help fix many DIY projects that have gone bad. Only an expert in driveway sealants knows how to handle the many surprises that come up during a driveway sealing project. Luckily, we are able to handle almost any type of concrete: including pool decks, patios, garages, and even large industrial spaces. 

What you should know about us….

  • We are a family owned and operated company and our name means everything to us, we won’t rest until you’re happy.

  • We attend training classes and receive professional certifications on a quarterly basis.

  • Garage Floors Plus More has been booked straight for the last several years, and it’s mostly from word of mouth-  because our customers are so happy, they usually talk about us (in a good way).ant 

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While there are tons of great concrete sealing companies near Orlando, we have our 5 star Google reviews because of our dedication to quality. If you are searching for a concrete sealing company to handle a difficult job, we’re a wealth of knowledge. Take the first step and give us a call now.

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