Industrial Epoxy Floors

Commercial and industrial floors need to be tough enough to take abuse from heavy foot traffic, vehicles, machines and sometimes chemicals. At Garage Floors Plus More, we install quality industrial epoxy floor coatings and cementitious resins that will keep your floor safe from harm and protected from dust. We stand behind our work and have installed professional grade industrial floors in commercial kitchens, warehouses, shipping docs, food and beverage manufacturing plants, and government buildings.

industrial epoxy

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Industries we serve

The application of epoxy in commercial settings is limitless. Here are some of the common applications we handle from cementitious overlays to self leveling epoxy applications.

Commercial Kitchens: Commercial kitchens have high foot traffic, oil, and food spills. So it makes sense to install a floor that is easy to clean and resistant to the food and oil stains. These floors can be antimicrobial and FDA approved.

Warehouse Floors: Warehouses are busy with foot traffic and machines and need a strong epoxy floor. Many times these warehouses opt for single color durable epoxy floors.

Metallic Epoxy Showrooms: Lots of car dealerships and showrooms love a bright metallic epoxy floor with a durable top coat. It’s amazing how cars  look so much better and seem to sell like crazy when they’re sitting on a beautiful metallic floor.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Plants: Food and beverage manufacturing plants deal with heavy foot traffic, chemical spillages, and machine activity that makes it necessary for a durable flooring solution. We have specific solutions for manufacturing plants.

Hospitals Epoxy Floors: Besides high traffic, hospitals are highly prone to bacteria, germs, and other disease-causing organisms. Epoxy is antimicrobial which makes it a great option, and self leveling epoxy works extremely well for imaging rooms. 

Airport Hangar Epoxy Floors: Airplane hangars are perfect for a durable epoxy floor coating. This coating is similar to warehouse floors.

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How Much Downtime Will I Have?

We know that it’s hard to put business on hold in order to get new floors.  That’s why we work so hard to minimize downtime. We work over the weekend and complete most jobs overnight which has a return to service the following day. 

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Industrial Epoxy Flooring Services in Central Florida

Having a floor that will stand up to whatever you throw at it is extremely important. We have many different solutions like quartz and polyaspartic that bring a new level of durability to epoxy floors. We have applied industrial floor coatings in Tampa, Mount Dora, Oviedo, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Melbourne, Daytona Beach, Sanford, and all of the Orlando FL area.

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