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Whether you are a homeowner who wants or has always wanted an epoxy garage floor, or an industrial facility owner who needs a new flooring system to stand the test of time: Garage Floors Plus More is the right choice. We are professional concrete coatings contractors specializing in resurfacing and epoxy flooring. You never have to worry with our proven and dependable track record.

We have epoxy flooring solutions to fit the needs of almost any environment. Schedule a consultation and we will happily work with you to realize your vision for your flooring project.

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What To Expect From Our Epoxy Installation Process...

Any epoxy flooring company worth it’s salt has a thorough prep process, and we’ve perfected ours to make it the best! At Garage Floors Plus More, we use the latest equipment and techniques from Sase Grinders and Ermator hepa dust control systems.  Every job always begins with the thorough preparation of your concrete surface. Remember, prepping the concrete is 80% of the job! 

We use the very best epoxies and aliphatic polyaspartics combined with manufacturer certifications to ensure you get a long lasting floor. 

Our Epoxy Prep Process:

  1. Inspection. We inspect the floor for moisture, cracks and contaminants 
  2. Diamond Grinding: First, we diamond grind the floor surface so it’s smooth and porous and ready to accept an epoxy resin coating. If this isn’t done right the epoxy will bubble and the floor system will fail -this is why you should always hire a pro. 😉 
  3. Crack repair: This is where we address any imperfections in the floor to ensure a great end result.
  4. Dust control: We use a commercial dust control and hepa vacuum while we grind, then we go over the floor and the entire surface area again, this ensures no dust is left behind.

Our Epoxy Application Process: I

We apply a 15 lb moisture vapor barrier( our epoxy primer)  to all of our floors unless it requires a moisture mitigation system.
By applying our epoxy primer we establish a mechanical bond with the pores of the concrete.
We also apply a second layer of 100% epoxy solids which creates a chemical bond with our primer coat. (very few companies will do this step)
We broadcast the decorative color chips to the desired look that our customer stated.
After the the epoxy has had a chance to dry over night, we return the following morning to scrape the loose chips and screen the floor (sand) yes, we sand the chips so you can walk barefoot and not worry about discomfort.   We are one of the only companies that sands the floor.  We want our customers happy and this has been a very effective way of ensuring they are. 

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Why Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy floors are a great addition to your home.   With all of the color choices available its easy to find one that will match your home or business.

With an endless array of choices available form color chips to solid colors and metallics its easy to see why this industry has taken off.   seemless and easy to maintain, no more grout lines or expensive hardwoods.  epoxy will also seal the slab to limit gas and moisture emissions.

Custom Flooring Options

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizations for your desired look! We can make your dream floor into a reality: literally. There are so many options for the finished look of the epoxy, from different metallic color pigments, to colored flakes, glitter, reflective finishes, and even neon color options. Do you want your floor to look like marble? No problem! We can do it with epoxy. Epoxy is particularly useful in commercial spaces because you can even incorporate your branding. All you need is an imaginative mind, and our experts will help you to bring your vision to life.

Very Little Upkeep

Epoxy floors are very easy to clean and maintain, unlike most of other flooring solutions out there. Carpets and tile can be such a drag to maintain, but you won’t find this when you choose epoxy. A basic mop and sweep are good enough to handle all of the cleaning and maintenance. If the floor has been especially abused and you think it needs a more thorough cleaning, you’ll only need mild soap and warm water to have it lustrous again. If necessary, you can hose it with hot water as well.

Epoxy Can Last A Lifetime

In comparison to other floors you may see, epoxy can last much longer. These floors are impact resistant and don’t stain or catch scuff marks. With proper installation, epoxy also makes your original concrete much stronger and stops deterioration that can occur when left unprotected. Even in harsh conditions like a hot garage or a busy kitchen, epoxy can stand up to the test. This is possible because epoxy offers a cushion against impact and moisture penetration. Keep in mind,  how long your floor will last will depend on the quality of your installation. If the surface hasn’t been prepared properly, or if you use a DIY kit,  the floor won’t give the same long lasting results our customers have seen. Hire the professionals at Garage Floors Plus More, and we stand by our work and give you our guarantee. 

Fast Installation

Whether you are a home owner that only has a weekend, or you own a business and want to install a floor that will result in a short downtime: epoxy is the right solution. many times we work overnight or through the evening or even over weekends with return to work or home availability the next day. Of course, different factors like square footage and temperature can come into play and affect timelines, but it’s still usually ready for use faster than most other flooring options.  We only use industrial-grade grinders that ensure we can complete larger flooring jobs in a shorter timeframe.

We also offer low voc (volatile organic compounds) rapid curing products that can be used during business hours which won’t disrupt the work environment.

Work With Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractors 

Customer satisfaction comes top on the list of our priorities. Our in-house flooring specialists make every effort to give you the greatest value, fast. You won’t have a sub show up on your job late when you are working with us. Right from the very start we are working to deliver satisfaction. We begin with a consultation to decide on the best solution for your floor, and finish with a perfect installation… and usually a 5 star review! Contact us so we can get started on your garage floor or other projects. If you’d like to know more about epoxy or the installation process, reach out to us to get a quick and informative response.

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Customers in Clermont, Leesburg, Winter Garden, Daytona, Orlando and across the entire Central Florida region, choose to work with a reliable and trusted epoxy flooring company when choosing Garage Floors Plus More. Working with us always guarantees quality flooring, a personal touch, and affordable prices on your residential and industrial epoxy floors.

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