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First of all, hardscape as it’s referred to is very expensive to have installed, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it?  When we seal pavers, we usually see that the sand holds them firmly in place and is missing and the surface is somewhat weathered and soiled.  Sealing pavers prevents this,  we clean the surface and resand all the joints.  We then apply a flood coat of sealer to the joints that locks the sand in place. Lastly, we seal the surface. How can epoxy coating protect my floor?

Epoxy floor coating adds beauty plus protection to your residential floor.  It fortifies the wall, some are easy to clean, it seals the wall.  Our products protect your investment, add curb appeal, and give you a finished look.

The last few decades have seen enormous growth in building and the building products industry.  Builders are always looking for better ways to build and eager to use new products to keep the costs down.   Builders have turned to the chemists throughout the world, tasking them with new innovations.  Epoxy is one of those innovations.  Epoxy when used on a floor is chemical resistant, withstands incredible weight and is very easy to maintain and keep clean. Epoxy adds beauty to your home or business.  It can lighten or darken a room while adding color and increases the value of your home.

No, epoxy is a resinous coating that needs to be mixed with a catalyst to cure.

NO.  Power washing does not expose the pores of the concrete.  Power washing leaves moisture in the concrete which will leave you with poor adhesion and outgassing bubbles in the surface.

Considering the cost of products to the DIYer it’s actually very affordable.  Prepare to have a full weekend to do a standard 2 car 450 sq foot garage with only one coat of epoxy rolled on.  When you hire Garage Floor Plus More to apply an epoxy coating, we have all but the clearcoat done on the first day.  And we diamond grind the entire surface all dust free.

No, our epoxy is not slippery and just to be extra safe we add a non skid to high traffic area just for peace of mind.  

Usually one day to prep the surface and apply the primer and the top coat, then we broadcast the color chips.  We let that dry overnight and apply a clear coat the following day, which takes about an hour.  

No, not really.  We have a large commercial hepa vacuum connected to the grinder which is very sufficient in keeping it virtually dust free.

As with any surface being coated, the substrate will show some imperfections.  We will fill all the cracks and holes with an elastomer that will allow for the surfaces to contract with temperature changes and give a nice finished look.

Usually you can walk on it within 24 hours and start bringing your things back in 36 hours depending on the weather.  Colder temperatures take longer to dry as does higher humidity.  As for driving on the surface,  we would like 4 days because of the humidity in Florida.  Each job is a little bit different but these are good guidelines to follow.

Yes.  We offer a lifetime warranty.

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