How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy Coat a Garage Floor in 2020?

An epoxy garage floor cost ranges from $4 to 12/sqft inclusive of labor and materials. The price is determined by two factors – 1) the amount of concrete prep that needs to take place based on the existing concrete slab. 2) the type of flooring system that needs to be installed. Single color epoxy is the most cost effective followed by epoxy flakes and metallic or glitter floors. 

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Is It Worth It To Epoxy Your Garage Floor?

While it may be expensive to apply an epoxy garage floor, it is worth every penny. Homeowners that have epoxy garages are actually proven to increase the resale value of home prices. That means you’ll get great use out of your garage and also have the potential to make money on the floor when you if you decide to sell your home in the future, Homeowners that have used epoxy actually reported that the return investment is around 70-75% on the investment in epoxy because it makes the home look so well cared for. Along with the increase in the value of your home, epoxy can save you thousands in maintenance costs and issues that could occur if your concrete erodes. The last major reason epoxy is worth it is because we guarantee our floors. When properly installed and maintained, epoxy has the ability to last up to a lifetime!

Epoxy Garage Cost Breakdown

Hard Costs:

Machines, insurance and operating costs like gas, taxes and employee benefits.


Incremental material costs per job include -Diamond Blades, Industrial grade epoxy, flakes, pigment costs, and the cost of the top coat. A vapor barrier is a potential added expense based upon the job.

Labor Costs

Two laborers at around $175 per day with a one and a half day job equates to roughly $450 in labor costs per epoxy garage job.

What is the Best Garage Floor Coating?

The most functional and durable floor coating is the full broadcast epoxy coating for most homeowners. Its texture makes it easy to clean and less slippery to drive into when properly installed. This floor coating gives you the confidence to pull into your garage with wet or snowy tires. With full broadcast flake epoxy floor coatings, the floor’s dirty look doesn’t show as much as on a solid-color floor.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor


Epoxy floors can withstand extreme impact and are resistant to the hot temperatures in Florida as well as moisture. The non-slip nature keeps your family safe regardless of what they do in the garage. 


Epoxy garage flooring is durable and can stay for many years. Unlike other types of floors, epoxy doesn’t need frequent paint reapplication to keep it looking good. The floor needs simple maintenance, which helps you save on extra costs.

Floor Protection

Water and chlorides can damage your floor after some time. In addition, it can be hard to remove stains from a concrete floor. An epoxy coating protects your floor from oil stains, making it easy to clean. It is also resistant to chemicals, thus keeping your floor safe from harm in case of spillages. 

Home Value

How you take care of your floor could increase your home’s value. A potential buyer won’t mind parting with any amount of cash for a shiny floor garage. 


One of the best things with an epoxy garage floor is that its installation comes with a warranty. Installing it with a reputable company like Garage Floors Plus More ensures your investment is covered within a certain period. Staining, delamination, and other defects shouldn’t trouble you when thinking about the epoxy flooring price.

Find Out How Much Your Project Will Cost at Garage Floors Plus More

Now that you know all of the major benefits of epoxy flooring, let’s make it happen. Don’t be worried if you’ve heard bad things about epoxy. The horror stories come from people that buy a $200 can of epoxy online and lay it down themselves. It doesn’t have any of the benefits of our flooring systems and it’s bound to fail

Get Epoxy Already!

The only sure way to determine your epoxy floor price is to contact us to talk about your options. We offer epoxy garage floor services anywhere in central Florida and Orlando Fl.. Contact us today to get free estimates for your floor coating. 

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